Winter Wellness: Stay Active, Stay Strong

Posted January 11, 2024 | Health & Wellness Blog

Winter often brings a decrease in physical activity, with icy sidewalks and heavy snowfall limiting outdoor exercise options. At Elite PT, we advocate for maintaining an active lifestyle even in the winter months.

Winter Wellness: Tips for Staying Healthy During the Winter Season

Posted January 4, 2024 | Health & Wellness Blog

As the winter chill sets in, many individuals find themselves succumbing to the sedentary allure of cozy blankets and warm indoors. At Elite PT, we understand the seasonal challenges that can lead to deconditioning, which can be especially tough especially when faced with tasks like shoveling or snow blowing. To combat the winter slump, we’ve outlined some expert tips to keep you active, healthy, and rejuvenated.

New Year’s Resolutions: Tips for Getting Fit After the Holiday Season

Posted December 28, 2023 | Health & Wellness Blog

With a new year fast approaching, many of us are readying to embark on a journey to a healthier lifestyle. However, transitioning from the indulgences of the festive season to a fitness-focused routine can pose unique challenges.

New Year’s Resolutions: Decoding “Fitness” & “Physical Activity”

Posted December 21, 2023 | Health & Wellness Blog

In the realm of health and wellness, the terms “fitness” and “physical activity” are often thrown around, but can be difficult to objectively define. The importance of being physically active should not be ignored, but it’s also important to recognize that what it means to be physically active can vary from person to person—and it should.

New Year’s Resolutions: Fitness Goes Beyond Weight Loss

Posted December 14, 2023 | Health & Wellness Blog

In the pursuit of New Year's resolutions, particularly those centered around health and wellness, the term “fitness” often conjures images of weight loss and sculpted physiques. However, the concept of fitness extends far beyond numbers on a scale. As physical therapists and advocates for holistic well-being, we believe it's crucial to broaden our understanding of what constitutes true fitness.

New Year’s Resolutions: Informed Health & Wellness in 2024

Posted December 7, 2023 | Health & Wellness Blog

The start of a new year is a popular time for making changes and resolutions, often for those of us looking to shed some holiday excess after a season of indulgence and festivities. Many of us set out with the best intentions, especially when it comes to health and wellness goals. However, it can be difficult to set yourself up for success after a holiday season full of festive feasting and merriment.

Fall Prevention: Factors Influencing Fall Risk

Posted October 31, 2023 | Health & Wellness Blog

While improving balance is paramount in reducing fall risk, there are other factors at play. Physical therapy can help target these factors to further reduce the risk of falling.

Fall Prevention: Improving Balance

Posted October 17, 2023 | Health & Wellness Blog

Falls, especially among the elderly population, can have serious consequences—but thankfully, physical therapy can help reduce the risk of falling.

Fall Prevention: The Risk

Posted October 3, 2023 | Health & Wellness Blog

Falls among the elderly population are the most common cause of non-fatal injuries and the leading contributor to accidental deaths. The statistics reveal a pressing need for increased awareness and preventive measures to address this issue, particularly among the senior community.

The Science of Aging Part 4

Posted September 19, 2023 | Health & Wellness Blog

Here are some important takeaways from our exploration of the aging process.

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